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Empowering growth-oriented individuals and organizations with the top tools for mental and emotional wellness, tapping into your greater potential and growing your purposeful impact!

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1:1 Transformational Breakthrough

I believe that your current programming, thoughts and beliefs have gotten you exactly where you are now, and also get in the way of elevating to the next level. Evolving into who you really want to become, and achieving new desired outcomes, requires you to rewire who you believe you are and what you know you’re capable of. Uplevel into who you desire to become with a transformational breakthrough!

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The Amplifying Potential Training
Amplifying Potential™ is the ultimate training and coaching experience for growing mindset and emotional intelligence, becoming more empowered and engaged, and leading with purpose. You will learn the top skills, tools and techniques for personal and professional growth. Expand through empowerment,  engagement and excellence as you lead yourself first, then apply to your work with others. 
Tap Into Your Potential & Grow Your Impact
Organizational Training & Development

Employee conscious leaders know the value of investing in their teams growth and potential. This isn't just about professional development, it's personal as well! We empower organizations and teams to master mindset and emotional wellness, tap into their greater potential, improve communication and engage with a sense of purpose. Invest and care for your people and see the powerful ripple effects through your whole organization.

Grow Your Team To Be Empowered & Engaged

"Shellie is wonderful to work with! She is engaged and really cares about partaking her knowledge to better enrich the lives of the individuals she works with. She's provided very insightful information and new techniques to apply to both my personal life and work and it was a pleasure to work with her." ~ Maria D.  

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“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” —Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Hi, I'm Shellie 

I’m the founder of Bright Futures Solutions. My programs facilitate growth and create transformation through releasing limitations, building an empowerment mindset, and developing skills for enhanced communication, engagement and excellence.

My coaching and training services are centered around personal and professional fulfillment that helps both individuals and organizations to amplify their potential and achieve their purposeful vision. Read more here.

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