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A transformational training and coaching journey, teaching you the top tools for empowerment, engagement and leadership so you can create the purposeful impact you're meant to make.

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Amplifying Potential™ provides you with the skills to grow both personally and professionally, and lead others to do the same by focusing on these 3 key areas:


Own your mindset by learning how to cultivate an empowered mind, improve emotional wellbeing, and stand in true personal power! 


Become a master of connection and engagement while learning how to increase motivation and connect with your fulfilling purpose. 


Engage new habits and behaviours that lead to desired outcomes by planning for the win and setting yourself up for lasting success. 

In Amplifying Potential, You Will ...

  • Learn the top tools for cultivating and maintaining an empowered mindset and emotional wellbeing

  • Discover how to avoid burnout by managing energy and emotions, and taking care of the self

  • Release mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back
  • Learn how to quickly move through fear and uncertainty to lean into true desires
  • Identify the purposeful and fulfilling path for creating your unique impact
  • Gain skills for authentically connecting with others, building trust and engaging in effective communication 

  • Activate more engagement and motivation, while sparking new action to achieve big goals. 

  • Engage in best practices for success habits and maintaining lasting momentum

  • Be guided through your own personal transformation and given the tools for continuing to lead yourself
  • Amplify your impact and results with others using our proven tools and frameworks based in neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
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"I completed Shellie's Amplifying Potential Training Program at the perfect moment for me. I now understand how much mindset impacts outcomes and how to move through limiting beliefs that hold me back. Great information for me personally, and even better to be able to share with my clients! In the program, we learned new concepts, tools and practices weekly, that could be put into action. I would highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to do exactly what the title says, amplify their own and their clients' potential!"

~ Laura Pasut

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll:

  • A 10 week training and coaching journey that guides you through the process of personal transformation and finding your fulfillment through purposeful impact
  • Weekly office hours calls to unpack your learning, answer your questions and support you in implementing the material
  • A transformational clearing session dedicated to releasing the beliefs, emotions and energy that are holding you back, so you can reconnect with your truth
  • A full day live event to solidify all of your learnings, expand your self-beliefs, get clear on your next steps and share in celebrations
  • PDF downloads of all supporting documents and processes, as well as copies of training slides and downloads of all training videos to keep.
  • A Facebook group full of support, community and resources to continue encouraging your growth.

Built in flexibility! Choose between a pay in full option or a payment plan. 


$2,555 CAD


Pay in full and save over 10%



$955 CAD


3 Monthly Payments of $955 CAD


About Shellie ...

Shellie Deloyer has more than 10 years of experience in education and training. She is a Trainer and Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and specializes in helping individuals and organizations to achieve greater fulfillment, impact and results. 

With this expertise, Shellie has created the Amplifying PotentialTM system for helping guides, leaders and educators to become the empowered leaders they're capable of being. It always begins with self. When you empower yourself and are connected to the purposeful impact of your work, you become equipped to help others feel empowered and purposeful too. 

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This program is also available for teams to complete together. Book a call with us to discuss Amplifying Potential for yourself individually, or for your team. We're here to help answer any questions you have!

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