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Career Buzz Interview with Alison Foy: Mindset & Money Conversations - Removing The Blocks Getting In Your Way

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

On this episode of CareerBuzz, Shellie interviews coach, speaker, mindset, and money expert, Alison Foy. Alison works with spiritual entrepreneurs or soul seeks that desire to have it all. She uses her unique ability of intuition along with her professional training to find and release money blocks as well as blocks preventing individuals from being their best selves.

This conversation dives into Alison's journey into the world of coaching and entrepreneurship while completing her university degree. She shares how she didn't let the pain from her past define her, and how she turned it into purpose.

Alison shares about her unique gifts and how she blends them into her work in a powerful way that helps people work through their money blocks and other barriers getting in their way.

Listen here for the interview with Alison Foy as she shares her empowering perspectives and ideas for ongoing growth: https://youtu.be/UM-s_DrO_Ug

To follow or connect with Alison, you can find her online at alisonfoy.com and on Facebook inside the Worthy & Wealthy Community.


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