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Career Buzz Interview with Fazeena Haniff: Perspectives on Social Justice With Respect To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2020

On this episode of CareerBuzz, Fazeena Haniff joined me to share her perspectives on social justice, focusing on conscious communication as well as diversity, equity and inclusion.

Fazeena is a communication expert with 20 years of experience, a board-certified coach, speaker, consultant, and facilitator of challenging conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion, and unconscious bias. She empowers individuals to reclaim their voice from past and intergenerational trauma, and disempowering societal, cultural and family dynamics so they can become powerful communicators. She holds a unique position of combining her many years of professional experience in communication with her ability to recognize patterns that influence a person’s or organization’s ability to communicate to facilitate powerful breakthroughs.

Listen here for my interview with Fazeena as she shares her powerful insights and thought-provoking perspectives that we all need to hear: https://youtu.be/rfUVvqACOME


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