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Stop Asking “What Do You Want To Do With Your Life”

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Think back to when you were in high school, getting ready to make big decisions about your future education and career direction. How many times were you asked “what do you want to do with your life?” or “what kind of job do you want to have?”

So many students are being asked these questions over and over again, and don’t have a clear answer. Most adults don’t know what they really want to do when they grow up either, so how can we expect our youth to?

These questions, and the crickets that follow, are super stressful for those who aren’t sure what path is right for them, or how to figure it out.

How, at such a young age, are students supposed to have any clue what they want to do with the rest of their life?

So instead of asking them “what they want to do?” we need to change the questions we’re asking. It’s time to start focusing on WHY!

In this video, I discuss the idea of starting with WHY and how it helps in choosing your career (and education) direction! 

When you know your WHY, you have a sense of purpose, fulfillment and motivation that guides you in a meaningful direction and helps you stay engaged. This is super important when choosing your career direction, and is a huge missing component for students who are planning for their future.

I’d love to know what comes to mind when you think of your WHY and using this flipped approach to choosing a career and/or education direction. Leave me a comment to share your ideas.

If you’re curious about how to find your WHY and how to use it to navigate your path to success, then keep your eye out for my next 2 video’s that dive deeper into this topic.

Until next time,


I’m Shellie Deloyer and I’m the founder of Bright Futures Education & Career Coaching. My passion lies within inspiring people to live the life they want to live by following their career dreams. I am a former high school teacher with a Masters degree in Education. I am a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and a Certified Career Strategist with Career Professionals of Canada. Now I am successfully running my own business, doing what I love, and helping others do the same. I have a future that I am energetic and excited about, and I know that you can too!


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